To my Readers: Gratitude and Love

I don’t know who you are; whether you read the whole post, whether you liked it or not, whether or not you resonated with what I have written, just remember: you are really special to me. WordPress does not tell me who you are, but it allows me to see the country you are from.Continue reading “To my Readers: Gratitude and Love”

A Jar full of Sunshine

A ray of sunshine galloped all the way through the sky, manoeuvred its way through the playful clouds and knocked on April’s window. She ignored the sound and rolled over on her bed, hugging her purple teddy-bear. The energetic ray made its way through her yellow curtains and caressed her eyes. April hid her eyesContinue reading “A Jar full of Sunshine”

Where do you see yourself 5 years from now? (375 words)

I do not see myself five years from now. Three days back I was thinking of killing myself. With this prevailing uncertainty, how can I see myself five years from now? Instead, let me ask you. Where do you see your firm after 5 years? Do you have a policy where you consider mental healthContinue reading “Where do you see yourself 5 years from now? (375 words)”