A Jar full of Sunshine

A ray of sunshine galloped all the way through the sky, manoeuvred its way through the playful clouds and knocked on April’s window. She ignored the sound and rolled over on her bed, hugging her purple teddy-bear. The energetic ray made its way through her yellow curtains and caressed her eyes. April hid her eyes with her tiny palm and then suddenly sat upright. She ran to her window, opened the drapes and a beautiful smile touched her lips. Her eyes gleamed in surprise. After months of rain and cloud, the sun was finally here! How she jumped with happiness, her laughter filling the morning air. The brown woodpecker paused for a bit and joined in the happiness. The blue kingfisher nodded in delight. The rain had washed the dust off the leaves and the sun shone upon the world – more beautiful than ever. April washed her face in a jiffy and ran outside in the woods.

It was a perfect Saturday morning. The sun had risen in its flawless glory, spreading its golden wings across the sky. The wind swayed along the light green leaves, playing hide and seek with the purple buds and sleepy flowers. The brown leaves were getting ready to shake themselves from the branch. The golden bees and scarlet beetles were prepping for the long day ahead. The world had risen to the twilight but far away in her soft bed, April was still in her dreamland.

Crimson plum hung onto the branches, the light green guava looked perfect and the grapevines looked elegant. April was fascinated to see the fruits, birds and bees. How she had missed them in the last few months. All of a sudden Chip, her pet dog, came running towards her. His chocolate fur moving with the air, he came and jumped on April. She laughed and hugged him. Yes, both of them were too excited to be in the woods in the morning. “Saturdays are the best!” April thought to herself.

She picked up a stick and they hurried towards the lake. They held their breath in anticipation of beauty of the magnificent lake. What touched their eyes was still far from what they could have imagined. Chip went to the water and started playing with the pebbles. April lay down on a tuft of green grass and looked at the clear water. The water was a home to all the clouds above and the ripples created new patterns in the same. The green trees cast their grey-green shadow in the water and protected the life that lay inside. She could see lotus flowers swaying in the middle, a duck wading in the water with its ducklings and colourful fishes running away in hurry. April could not help but wonder what lay inside the deep water. Were there big fishes? Was there a different world underneath? Do they possess the power of so many colours that touched her eyes so often? She made stories off the clouds and lay there lost in thought till Chip came and licked her all over her face.

“Yes Chip, let’s go.” said April and sat up. She had an assignment to complete. She stood up and took out a tiny glass jar from her pocket. Chip picked up his left ear and looked at the jar curiously. Then he ran around her, unable to wait for her explanation more patiently. She opened the tiny lid of the jar and closed her eyes with her palm. Chip picked up his right paw and covered his eyes. He loved her. A green frog hid behind a rock to see, a white swan paused in its way.

April opened her eyes in a minute, covered the lid and ran back to her wooden hut. A confused but happy Chip ran beside her. She ran through the hedges, the rocks and the edges, she ran through the low lying branches, past the old banyan tree who smiled, past the group of colourful mushrooms who bowed their head. She ran up the wooden stairs to her room, almost tumbling over a restless Chip. She kept it on her bed next to her school diary which said, “What is your most prized possession?” She took out her tiny pencil and wrote in her carefree handwriting, “A jar full of sunshine”. Now all she had to do was take it to the school and show it to her teacher. A month late – but she finally completed her homework. The Sun shone a little brighter and April basked in its glory.

Published by Leena Bhattacharya

A researcher who finds solace in social work

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