The Game of Cards

His fingers held shapes all four,
Spades, Clubs, Diamonds
And more,
He held the Queen of Hearts.

She sat across the bench
Dusk gleaming in her heart
It’s been a while she had seen him smile, 

It’s sad they had to part.

He thought it over in his head,
No, it wasn’t hard.
He chose the queen and leaned forward,
To win the game of cards;

Just a game of cards.

Drowsy sun framed slanting shadows,
Colours ruled the sky;
Purple hues and molten red,
He wasn’t ready to bid goodbye.

She knew the cards pretty well
She knew which cards were dealt
She knew the cards in her hand
She knew the ones he held.

She thought it over in her head,
No, it was not hard.
He’d pick the queen
And lean forward
To win the game of cards.

But he moved back
Face hard to read
She wondered what went wrong
Flawless was he at games
The cards were held too long.

He closed his eyes
And smiled inside
Yet his face was still.
It was tough to let her go once,
This time it’s tougher still.

To let her go another time,
To win,
Wouldn’t be the same.
To keep her once
Just one more time
He’d rather lose this game.

So he played the ace of spades
To lose, to lose to win,
Her cheeks were pink, he didn’t miss her wink
He won the real queen.

The King and Queen left together
Bowed the setting sun.
Their shadows merged in dusky palette
The Game of Cards was won.

Published by Leena Bhattacharya

A researcher who finds solace in social work

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