The Beginning of Something Beautiful

We, the students of IGIDR, are going to start a social work wing in our institution. I’m more excited than I have been in the last two and a half years. I am trying to be calm while planning more details, but my heart is doing a Tango inside. I am extremely grateful to a group of people at IGIDR. Nothing remotely close would have happened without the brilliant group of people I’m surrounded with. Let me elaborate.

When I wrote the last blog The Privileged & the Divide, I didn’t have much expectation from the readers. I was wondering aloud and internally I was questioning my role as an individual. However it created a ripple effect at IGIDR, especially among the Master’s students. Some of the students read it and started thinking about it, talking about it, they shared the link with their friends.

Then it began. Shubham, a sincere and calm second year Master’s student, called me and asked if I could meet him. He was waiting with Megha, his proactive batchmate, when I arrived. To my surprise they told me, “Let’s think about our role, let’s think what we can do for the society. Let’s start something at IGIDR.”

It started from there. One day at a time. We called a meeting and then again. Who should we start with? We decided, it would be the children of our own employees – the children of our gardeners, the children of our security guards, the children of our housekeeping staff. We would offer weekend classes for them inside IGIDR. The plan is to pass some skills on to them, curricular and others.

Who would be involved? The initiative banks on student volunteers. Only the students who are willing to spend some time teaching and coaching were asked to join. There was one question that kept nagging us. Would we get the requisite support from the authorities?

February 7, 2020. Let’s consider this a much needed hattrick. We got the official (verbal) permission from the Director, Dean and the Registrar. We are good to go.

Right now there are 15 of us in the team and I couldn’t be more overjoyed. Maybe in a couple of weeks we will be have our first class.

Do we have everything sorted? No we don’t. But what matters right now is that we are all in it together. It is a student led initiative; we will face the hurdles and jump over. I will sleep peacefully tonight – dreaming about the beginning of something beautiful.

PS. If you are an alumni/ current student of IGIDR reading this and you want to be associated or to know more, please reach out. We would love to talk.

Fun fact: We have named our group ‘Indira Vikas’.

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