To the Unborn

I swear I didn’t know this is how our country was going to turn around. Believe me when I say there was peace on the same roads when I had walked on them a year back. Yet as I am reading the news, I can’t stop thinking what world I am bringing you into. I wish I had known better.

I thought I’d teach you about love and kindness through experiences. Today I am busy looking for a line of good news in the entire newspaper – there’s blood and hatred – I am still looking for hope. I swear there were better days.

I am scared to look at the news. How much can you hear? How much can you feel? What part of my emotions gets translated to you? Are you hearing the march of hatred? Are you feeling the heat of the orange fire? Are you feeling claustrophobic as they are building walls to hide the poverty? Do you still hear people saying that minorities have equal rights? We are fighting for the right to live – I swear there were better days.

I will protect you till the dark days are over and my hope lies in better future. I hope when you see the light of the world, you don’t see fire. I hope when you learn to recognise red it isn’t blood. I hope when you hear religion you don’t think about hatred and when you think about people you think of them as equals.

Our country is burning dear child. On the same day the President of USA steps in our country. We have cleaned roads, painted walls and we have tried to curb the smell of the river. Deep inside we need to try painting love over hatred. I promise these days will end. People will be out on the road again, nursing the wound, healing the scars and together we will build bridges not walls.

Published by Leena Bhattacharya

A researcher who finds solace in social work

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