How Social Distancing Brought Us Closer

I am a PhD Student in India. I have been staying in a hostel in Mumbai for quite some time now. So long, that I call it my home. I am used to a group of young adults who are usually under-dressed; a little zoned out with exams, thesis or assignments and follows a particularContinue reading “How Social Distancing Brought Us Closer”

Orange Hatred and Scarlet Love

It was a warm summer evening. We were sitting together in our tiny half-lit apartment, our eyes glued to the TV. The angry Hindu mob had set a mosque on fire in East Delhi. To make matters worse, they had placed a Hanuman flag on the minaret. The mix of orange and grey, the purpleContinue reading “Orange Hatred and Scarlet Love”

Getting Soniya Back to School: Part I

March 2016. First year of teaching was coming to an end and I was feeling a little relieved. It was a lovely Saturday morning. I was packing my bag for the day – the lesson planning book, folder of worksheets – when my phone rang. It was Soniya’s father. “Namastey Didi, kya main chhutti keContinue reading “Getting Soniya Back to School: Part I”

To my Readers: Gratitude and Love

I don’t know who you are; whether you read the whole post, whether you liked it or not, whether or not you resonated with what I have written, just remember: you are really special to me. WordPress does not tell me who you are, but it allows me to see the country you are from.Continue reading “To my Readers: Gratitude and Love”