COVID-19: Digital Divide and Elementary Education in India

India has been under lockdown since March, 2020. Schools and educational institutions are closed and their date of reopening remains uncertain. Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD) has specified several digital learning initiatives to ensure continued learning of students. However it fails to account for children in the elementary stage without internet access. Some privateContinue reading “COVID-19: Digital Divide and Elementary Education in India”

Getting Soniya Back to School: Part I

March 2016. First year of teaching was coming to an end and I was feeling a little relieved. It was a lovely Saturday morning. I was packing my bag for the day – the lesson planning book, folder of worksheets – when my phone rang. It was Soniya’s father. “Namastey Didi, kya main chhutti keContinue reading “Getting Soniya Back to School: Part I”