Orange Hatred and Scarlet Love

It was a warm summer evening. We were sitting together in our tiny half-lit apartment, our eyes glued to the TV. The angry Hindu mob had set a mosque on fire in East Delhi. To make matters worse, they had placed a Hanuman flag on the minaret. The mix of orange and grey, the purpleContinue reading “Orange Hatred and Scarlet Love”

Beyond a data point: Stories from Primary Survey

I was attending a seminar in college. The study had tracked pregnant women over their course of pregnancy and a month after the delivery. A professor asked, “I am assuming that the women did not know the gender of the child during pregnancy. Overall, did you see gender bias in your study?” The speaker replied,Continue reading “Beyond a data point: Stories from Primary Survey”

What not to ‘Google’ and Why

I am writing this particular piece based on a few recent incidents. The incidents have led the individuals to lose considerable amount of money from their respective bank accounts. I had read the first few events online (you can read the details here: Event 1 and Event 2) and the other one, which I focus onContinue reading “What not to ‘Google’ and Why”

Getting Soniya Back to School: Part I

March 2016. First year of teaching was coming to an end and I was feeling a little relieved. It was a lovely Saturday morning. I was packing my bag for the day – the lesson planning book, folder of worksheets – when my phone rang. It was Soniya’s father. “Namastey Didi, kya main chhutti keContinue reading “Getting Soniya Back to School: Part I”

The Privileged & the Divide

Indira Gandhi Institute of Development Research (commonly known as IGIDR) is a premier institute funded by the Reserve Bank of India. Students pursue higher studies in this college, that is, Master’s, MPhil and PhD in Economics. The Master’s students stay at the college hostel with individual rooms and attached bathrooms. The PhD students live inContinue reading “The Privileged & the Divide”